Friday, May 21, 2010

The A-team. another movie I want to see

This movie has an awesome trailer and would be really cool to see. it kind of reminds me of the the flock. or limiting it down to my flock black ops. It is my team impossible and we are really good. This is flock G-4

Shadow/ Hannibal-Daring and good looking leader. brings the team together and preps them for whatever comes their way.

Talon/ B.A.- The muscle of the team. whereas not as genius as the others, he packs a punch and clears the way. Also cares about his car

Sonic/ Face- Operator of machinery and other useful stuff and the hacker to get illegal clearance.

Stat/ Murdock- Idea giver and crazy man of the black ops. ideas are unorthodox but are effective.

Give us a minute, we're good. Give us an hour, we're unstoppable. how else did we escape from Itex?

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